About Us

About Us

The Organization

Saibaan Development Organization is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, right-based national organization having its head office in Mansehra, KPK. Saibaan Development Organization was founded in 1999 and was later, registered under the society’s act 1860 in June 2000. The organization commenced its journey with some small projects in Mansehra city, focusing mostly on the capacity building of area people (female and male) in different trades e.g. cushion making, woodwork, polishing of furniture, etc. In the early stages, Saibaan concentrated on a limited geographical area to ensure the maximum level of quality and accountability standards in its humanitarian actions. Saibaan is working for the uplift of rural communities empowering marginalized groups in different areas of Pakistan. Saibaan has earned a good name and become a prominent organization in the arena of developmental programming around child rights, women’s rights, and humanitarian responses. Saibaan has the honor to become a member of many national and international development networks including IUCN, FANSA, PHM, CANSA, HRDN, and CRAN etc. Saibaan is privileged to have worked with more than 25 international partners and government agencies in the development sector and successfully implemented more than 45 long-term and short-term projects in different Pakistan districts. Saibaan has been working in different thematic areas including Women Empowerment, Child Rights and Child Protection, Emergency Response, DRR, WASH, Education, Health, Livelihood, and Climate Change.

Board of Governors

The BoG of Saibaan is composed of 9 members with 33% women participation. Board was chaired by Sadia Ejaz for a period of one year. Now Saibaan is women headed organization. As per the Memorandum of Associations the Board needs to hold meetings quarterly after three months. Saibaan Board comprises highly intellectual, skillful professionals from different fields including development practitioners, educationists’ philanthropists, businessmen and lawyers.

Five year Strategic plan

Saibaan believe in active involvement of all the stakeholders that’s why five year Strategic Plan drafted after every five years.   It is an ongoing process and after every 5 years Saibaan drafts its strategic plan. Different project have been implemented which relates to our strategic plan and all the project have been brought positive changes among the targeted communities.

Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) Certification

The Certification Programme of PCP seeks to bring transparency, accountability and good governance in the non-profits sector in Pakistan. The first initiative of its kind in South Asia; it involves the evaluation of a non-profits organization on internationally standardized parameters. PCP promotes certified NGOs in an annual directory and on its website and also builds capacities of non-profits organizations for improved effectiveness. Saibaan is certified by PCP on the basis of the remarkable results of evaluation in 2009. Again in 2022 PCP renewed the certification of Saibaan for a period of three years.
Organization Policies
Saibaan has adopted international standards of Policy Procedures and these policies are updated regularly on annual basis to make them compatible with the emerging needs and challenges. These organization policies and procedures are broad guidelines to run the organizational matters in a smooth and transparent way. For a better understanding of all especially the support staff, some of the policies like gender policy have been translated into Urdu. These policies are strictly followed at all levels to keep the organization fostering and nourishing in the right direction. The following policies are in place in the setup of Saibaan.