Geographical Coverage

Saibaan has immense experience of working in many districts across Pakistan and implemented different projects with financial support from different international donors.  After the fatal earthquake of 2005, Saibaan extended its working area from district Mansehra to other districts of KPK. In 2010, Saibaan entered into partnership with UN Habitat for implementing a WATSAN project with focus on gender mainstreaming in Muzafarabad, AJK. Same year Saibaan developed working relationship with UNDP and Concern worldwide to work in district Kohistan for recovery and WASH projects. Saibaan geographical coverage is indicated in the following map of Pakistan.
S.No Punjab Sind     KPK AJK Islamabad
1 Rawalpindi Sukhar Abbottabad Muzafarabad Islamabad
2 Haripur Neelum
3 Mansehra Hattiyyan Bala
4 Battagram
5 Upper Kohistan
6 Lower Kohistan
7 Kolai Palas
8 Upper Chitral
8 Lower Chitral

District wise Number of Project

Saibaan worked in different district of Pakistan. Most of the projects have been implemented in Mansehra as Saibaan based and emerged from Mansehra. Further detail of the total project implemented by Saibaan is as under.

Amount Spent by Saibaan until now

An amount of about 803 million rupees (3,402,377.65 Doller) have been spent by Saibaan in last 23 year for the welfare of the marginalized people of Pakistan. About 45 project have been completed until now