Project Details

Completed Projects

S#Project NameSectorBudget(PKRs)Financial supportProject DurationTarget Locations (UC wise)
 Orphan Children Support ProgramHumanitarian response0.6 millionMuslim Response USATwo phases (Dec 2021- August 2022)District Manehra
1Covid-19 Emergency Response Project in district AbbottabadHealth5.6 millionCare International 6 months  (July 2021-November 2021)District Abbottabad
2Covid-19 Emergency Response ProjectHealth22.1 millionCare International07 months (November 2020 to June 2021)District Mansehra and Abbottabad
3Active Citizen ProjectCitizen engagement/capacity building1.8 millionBritish Council5 month (Dec.2020 to Apr. 2021)District Mansehra
4Enhancement of Girls Education in High Altitude of AJKEducation25.2 millionUNESCO12 months (October 2018 to September 2019)District Muzafarabad, Hattian and Neelum in AJK
4Empowering the communities for child protection and improved livelihoodsLivelihoods and child protection60.1 millionKNH60 months (January 2017 to December 2021)District Mansehra
6LIVE ProjectFood Security and gender empowerment60.2 millionOxfam Germany42 months (July 2015-Dec 2018)Sum, Bhogurrmang, Hilkot, hungrai, Chattar, Shinkiari
7Installation of Solar Systems in SchoolsEnvironment1.2 millionSwiss Embassy3 months (October 2018-Dec 2018)Baffa and Talhatta Dist Mansehra
8POWER ProjectWomen Livelihood improvement109.9 millionAction Aid53 months (till 2020)Sum, Ichrrian, Battal and Chattar palin District Mansehra
9WFH projectWomen empowerment27 millionOxfam Germany24 months (October 2013 to Nov 2015)Shinkiari, Sum, Bhogurrmang
10Communication for Effective Social Service DeliveryWATSAN1.291 million per yearCIDA/Aus-Aid63 months (January 2010-March 2016)District Mansehra
11CDRC ProjectDRR30 millionKNH24 months (October 2013 to Sep 2015)Sum, Bhogurrmang
12Rehabilitation of Infrastructure Project (RIP)Rehabilitation60 millionCaritas Switzerland16 months (March 2015 to June 2016)Thuti, karang, gabryal, kareen in Kohistan
13MAMTA ProjectMother and Child Health40 millionsOxfam Germany31 Months (November 2012 to May 2015)Sum, Bhogurrmang, Hilkot, hungrai, Chattar
14WASH rehabilitation in health and education facilities in ChitralWASH16.1 millionSDC10 months (February to November 2013)Ayun, Booni, Chitral 1 and Chitral 2
15Water and sanitation improvement projectWASH55.5 millionConcern36 months (January 2011-December 2013)Dobair pain, Dobair bala,
16HOPE ProjectLivelihood20.2 millionOxfam Germany28 months (May 2010-August 2012)Sum, Bhogurrmang, Hilkot, hungrai, Chattar
17Women Friendly Hall ProjectWomen empowerment22 millionOxfam Germany18 months (July 2011-December 2012)Hilkot
18Early Recovery in Palas,  KohistanRecovery and Rehabilitation40 millionUNDP6 months (April 2011-September 2012)Shelkhan abad, koz paro, qullai, baterra, mada khel
19Child Rights Advocacy NetworkChild rights1.52 million per yearSCS42 months (July 2009-December 2012)Whole district Mansehra
20Early Recovery in Kandia, KohistanRecovery and Rehabilitation50 millionUNDP6 months (October 2011- March 2012)Thuti and kareen in Kohistan
21Water Filtration ProjectWATSAN1 millionADP6 months (July 2011-7December 28011)Mansehra city
22Ilm o HunarWomen Empowerment7.44 millionOxfam Novib

18 months

(15th June 2009 -15th Dec 2010)

23Early Recovery in Palas,  Kohistan (Phase 1)Recovery and Rehabilitation40 millionUNDP6 months (October 2010-March 2011)Shelkhan abad, koz paro, qullai, baterra, mada khel
24Youth Friendly ProgramReproductive Health1.82 millionUNFPA12 months (January to December 2010)Data
25Women Led Total Sanitation ProjectWASH4.1 millionUN Habitat11 months  (February 2010- December 2010)Muzafarabad, AJK
26Emergency ResponseRelief30.2 millionConcern2 months (August 2010-September 2010)Dobair pain and Dobair Bala
27Early Recovery projectRehabilitation6.75 millionConcern3 months( October 2010-December 2010)Dobair pain
28Rehabilitation of Earthquake Depleted LivelihoodsLivelihoods35 millionOxfam Novib18 months (July 2006-December 2007)Sum, Bhogurrmang, Hilkot,  Chattar
29Education Advocacy- for enhancing girls education and provision of enabling environmentEducation Advocacy1.48 millionOxfam Novib12 months (March 2008-February 2009)District Mansehra
30Winterization Support projectRelief1.24 millionOxfam Novib6 months (November 2007-April 2008)Sum, Bhogurrmang, Hilkot, hungrai, Chattar
31Strengthening Women Participation in the Rehabilitation And Reconstruction in Earthquake Hit AreasWomen Empowerment3.42 millionOxfam Novib8 months ( January 2008-October 2008)Sum
32Gender Based Sustainable Livelihoods Improvement and Revival ProjectSustainable Livelihood0.5 millionOxfam Novib5 months (July 2008-November 2008)Hilkot
33Youth Friendly Centers  (YFC)Reproductive Health1.32 millionUNFPA12 months (August 2008-10 August 2009)Data and Labarrkot
34Women Friendly Spaces (Hunar Kada)Reproductive Health1.35 millionUNFPA6 months (August 2009- January 2010)Sum
35Livelihood Improvement Via Empowerment (LIVE)Livelihood7.20 millionCARE International12 months (16 June 2008- 15 June 2009)Hungrai
36Mansehra Irrigation Rehabilitation ProjectSocial mobilization2.28 millionJBIC12 months (July 2008- June 2009)Shinkiari
37Community Based Livelihoods Recovery Project(CBLRP)Capacity Building1.35 millionILO16 months (August 2008- December 2009)Mahandri, Garlot and Karnol
38Earthquake Relief Project Phase 1Relief1.24 millionCRS3 months (15th October to 15th November 2005)Siran Valley Mansehra
39Earthquake Relief Project Phase IIRelief5.80 millionCRS6 months (16th November 2005 to 16th May 2006)Siran Valley Mansehra
40Assessment of vehicular emissions’ status in the pre and post BRT project implementation scenario at the twin cities, Rawalpindi and IslamabadEnvironment2.5 millionUNDP3 months (January 11 to April 10, 2016)Rawalpindi and Islamabad
41Saibaan Woodwork Industrial HomeCapacity building0.5 millionTVO1 year  (2004)Mansehra
42AAWAZ IICitizen engagement/inclusion25 millionBritish Council25 months (April 2020 to December 2022 phase two till 2024)District Mansehra


Current Projects

S# Project Name Sector Donor Name Location
1 Child Centered Approach to Climate Change Adaptation Climate change KNH District Mansehra
2 Infrastructure Development project Infrastructure Development project Japan Embassy Mansehra
3 Orphan support project Humanitarian Response Muslim Response USA Mansehra